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Glycosynth distributor arrangement in Japan

Glycosynth is pleased to announce that it has established an exclusive outlet for its sales in Japan via Funakoshi, a leading distributor of life science research reagents.

Founded in 1923, Funakoshi’s mission is to offer useful tools and leading edge technologies from all over the world to Japanese researchers, in order to support and develop their work. As well as supplying key reagents into Molecular Biology, Immunology and Biochemistry, the company also supplies instruments for use within these areas.

Funakoshi has significant resources in Sales and Technical Support with which it supports its Japanese operation. In 1990 it moved its headquarters to Hongo, a central educational district of Tokyo and in 2000 it expanded its logistic centre in Shinagawa-ku, the south-western part of Tokyo, which is conveniently located in terms of air and public transportation. Using these well placed facilities it has developed an enviable reputation within research institutes and universities, as well as biotechnological, agricultural, food and pharmaceutical companies.

Although Funakoshi distributes many reagents in Japan based on supply from global organisations, Glycosynth is its only specialist supplier of enzyme substrates. We hope that Funakoshi’s expertise in the market will help users in Japan gain better access to Glycosynth’s range of versatile and high quality products.

Contact details are:

Funakoshi Co Ltd
Hongo 2-9-7

Tel No. +81-3-5684-1620
Fax No. +81-3-5684-1775


Web Site:

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